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Grundfos CMBE-Booster in a Box

Grundfos CMBE Booster-Engineered Booster in a Box!

Grundfos CMBE-Booster in a Box












The CMBE Booster is designed for domestic and commercial water supply, pressure boosting, irrigation and dewatering applications.

The CMBE series is available in both 1x110-120V and 1x200-240V variants and uses energy efficient, permanent magnet motor technology, which provides unmatched reliability, quiet operation, and energy savings.

Thanks to the integrated speed controller, the CMBE keeps a constant pressure in the pipe system. A pressure sensor monitoring discharge pressure will signal to the speed controller to change the motor speed to adapt the performance to the new situation.

Constant pressure via integrated speed control
Compact design
Robust, stainless steel design
Easy installation
Low energy consumption
Dry-running protection

Noise level below 55 dBA and even lower at controlled speed

The CMBE Booster is a complete pump system preassembled with the following components:

CME pump with integrated frequency converter
5-way fitting with non-return valve
Diaphragm tank
Pressure gauge
Pressure sensor


Seahawks 12th Man Jersey Contest Week 3

12th Man Jersey-Contest

Seahawks 12th Man Jersey Contest Week 3

Congratulations to Neil at Puget Sound Mechanical. This weeks winner!


Hurley Engineering will give away 1 - 12th man jersey away every week during the season.


American Wheatley HVAC Products

American Wheatley HVAC Products

American Wheatley HVAC Products
Hurley Engineering Company of Tacoma is a full line stocking distributor of American Wheatley products. The BDT Series ASME Expansion Tank features an EPDM Full Acceptance Bladder Design and is in stock in our Tacoma and Tualatin branches. Sizes range from 6 gallon to 211 gallon and feature NSF 61 compliant materials. Contact any of our sales team for more details. Devin Carle, Bruce Garcia, Carl Larson, Corey Rasmussen

Seahawks 12th Man Jersey Contest

12th Man Jersey-Contest

Seahawks 12th Man Jersey Contest

WE ARE IN! We compete for you everyday at Hurley Engineering. Each week during the season 1 winner will receive a 12th Man Jersey. Enter to win your Jersey Now. Winners selected every Blue Friday. 



Barnes Panels with Oil Sensor Switch

Barnes "Boss" Panels

Barnes Panels with Oil Sensor Switch
The Barnes BOSS series is designed to provide pump control and alarm notification of potentially threatening water and oil levels in simplex pumping applications. The BOSS features an innovative switch that senses the difference between oil and water to remove water from the tank, while preventing oil from being pumped into the environment. The Oil Sensor Switch features four probes (start level, stop level, high water level, reference for ground) and a mechanical high oil alarm float.

If water/oil levels reach past the high water probe or mechanical high oil float the BOSS will activate an alarm, but the water/oil will need to be manually pumped out by an operator. 

The BOSS PLUS removes water and other fluids automatically from elevator pits without any human intervention while preventing oil from being pumped into the environment.

Patterson Kelley Mach & Roll

Tacoma Housing Authority

Patterson Kelley Mach & Roll
At Tacoma Housing Authority today working with Holaday Parks installing two Patterson Kelly Mach & Roll's. 
The P-K Mach ‘n’ Roll® system provides building heat and domestic hot water with little to no scale build up. It is ideally suited for commercial building applications such as schools, office buildings, apartments, hotels and offices. This efficient water to water heating system is manufactured from the highest quality materials combining a robust aluminum alloy heat exchanger above, with an indirect stainless steel heat exchanger below. Both zones were individually engineered using different alloys that when used together, delivers higher efficiency and industry leading reliability.

Great work Guys!

Viessmann Boiler Work

Viessmann Boiler Repair

Viessmann Boiler Work

This is a Viessman boiler with a Weishaupt oil fired burner. This unit supplies hydronic heat, and DHW, via tank mounted tube shell heat exchanger for their gym and locker room. 

We replaced the blower wheel, blower motor, oil pump coupling and insert. This boiler was in need of some serious attention. After addressing som ingition and combustion issues the Hurley Team got it all fixed up and running again. 

Viessmann is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of efficient, reliable and affordable heating and solar products. Our innovative solutions are simple to install, service and use. Viessmann offers a comprehensive range of German-engineered products, from oil and gas-fired boilers to biomass, solar thermal, hot water heating and more for applications in residential, multi-family, commercial, light industrial, schools, universities, hospitals, municipalities and government buildings.


Hurley Engineering Co.-Service Team Works On Patterson Kelley Boilers

Service Team Works on Patterson Kelley Boilers

Hurley Engineering Co.-Service Team Works On Patterson Kelley Boilers

At Hurley Engineering we have been servicing mechanical rooms for loyal customers since 1936. Today our service team was back on the job helping a long time customer with their Patterson Kelley Boiler. Hurley Engineering is a proud Manufacturer's representative and service center for Patterson Kelley. 

Whether you are a contractor, engineer, or facility manager we are standing by ready to help.



Grundfos LCS-E Split Coupled Base Mounted End Suction Pump

Grundfos LCS & LCSE Pumps

Grundfos LCS-E Split Coupled Base Mounted End Suction Pump

Grundfos has introduced a new LCS Series Split Coupled End Suction Centrifugal Pumps. The new LCS series is offered in a variety of sizes to interchange with the PACO LF Series Long  Coupled Pumps. Using the new Grundfos LCS series aliviates the need to grout the bases or laser align the pump after installation.

It also feature back pull out design and a split coupling for ease of maintenance and with an optional intergral vfd the LCS series can  be used in several different applications including Heating, Pressure Boosting, and Chilled Water.


Concept to Completion, "PacoPAQ is the Dude"

PacoPAQ design solutions win a competitive bid by coming in under budget and meeting design requirements

Whether it’s to add extra capacity to an existing facility or to replace old equipment, a modular, pre-packaged system designed and built by Grundfos is a great option. Recently, the teams at Grundfos and Hurley Engineering worked to conceptualize such a system that could be integrated directly into the current site infrastructure with minimal additions and at a competitive price. One such modular design was able to come in below budget on a competitive bid making Hurley Engineering and Grundfos winners thanks to their their superior and unique product offerings. Thanks to the flexibility and superior design options, Hurley successfully won the competitive bid process and came in under budget. To learn more click the image below or here.

pacopaq chiller bid


Grundfos PACOPAQ Systems Find Cost-Savings and Extra Capacity Again and Again

Dynamic design capabilities & Grundfos pumping expertise deliver on-time & under budget

Imagine being in a position where your over-extended chiller system needs additional capacity. The difficulty in keeping your facility operational while a new system is built, not to mention the costs associated with design and manufacturing it on site, would be daunting. Fortunately, with the right partners in Hurley Engineering and the Grundfos PacoPAQ teams, alternative solutions can be found that deliver on your needs thanks to the in-house engineering team at Grundfos who handle each stage of the project design. To learn more, click the image below or here.

ATTVentureProject cLICK


Hurley Engineering wins MVP for Grundfos

Hurley Engineering was selected as MVP for Grundfos. Company leaders Buck Haywood (center) and Devin Carle (center-left) were at hand to receive the award alongside the Grundfos USA team at the 2015 AHR Expo in Chicago. 


Everyone in the Hurley Engineering team worked hard throughout the 2014 year and rightfully received the honor from Grundfos. But without the continued support from our outstanding customer-base, this would not have been possible. For that, we say our thanks and let's do it again in 2015!


HIP-K at the 2015 AHR Expo in Chicago

Patterson-Kelley's advances in efficiency and innovation will be a feature of the show. Be sure to check them out at Booth 2610!


Join us at the 2015 AHR EXPO (Booth #2610)

Chicago’s McCormick Exhibition Center, January 26–28, 2015

Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley to showcase innovation and efficiency at the 2015 AHR Expo!

Engineers, designers, manufacturer representatives, and other industry professionals will find out how the NURO™ Touch-Screen Control System can simplify boiler room management and reduce energy costs.


The new Hydro Multi-B booster system from Grundfos

Hurley Engineering is excited to announce the product release of Grundfos' dynamic new line of booster systems - the Hydro Multi-B

The Grundfos Hydro Multi-B is a compact, reliable, and energy efficient constant pressure booster system ideal for domestic water pressure such as apartments, large homes, and multi-story buildings. Grundfos designs, manufactures and assembles all major components of the system – pumps, motor, system components, and the controller – so customers can benefit from single source responsibility.

grundfos hydro multi b

The Hydro Multi-B is a unique combination of variable speed multistage pumps and simple user interface.  The CME pump combined with an MLE motor provides the variable speed functionality with energy efficiency that exceeds NEMA premium efficiency levels.

In addition, the Hydro Multi- B meets NSF 61/UL372 Drinking Water Approval & UL Listed Packaged Pumping System.


Continuing Education Opportunities with Grundfos

Register to take advantage of (2) hours of continuing education provided by representatives of Grundfos Pumps and Hurley Engineering as part of the Grundfos BoosterpaQ trailer tour through Washington & Oregon

The team at Hurley Engineering is excited to announce that the Grundfos BoosterpaQ trailer will be toured through Washington and Oregon this coming October. Loaded with an array of pumps and equipment related to the plumbing and commercial hydronics industry, the trailer is worth seeing.


Plus, Hurley Engineering has teamed up with the experts at Grundfos Pumps to provide basic pump maintenance training to members of the industry. These (2) hour classes will count towards continuing education requirements for both Washington and Oregon. Class registration is open now. Click the REGISTER NOW link below to sign up. 

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