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Grundfos PACOPAQ Systems Find Cost-Savings and Extra Capacity Again and Again

Imagine being in a position where your over-extended chiller system needs additional capacity. The difficulty in keeping your facility operational while a new system is built, not to mention the costs associated with design and manufacturing it on site, would be daunting. Fortunately, with the right partners in Hurley Engineering and the Grundfos PacoPAQ teams, alternative solutions can be found that deliver on your needs thanks to the in-house engineering team at Grundfos who handle each stage of the design.

That was recently demonstrated in a project completed for a major cellular network provider where the current multi-chiller unit required extra capacity. Desiring a cost-effective solution and having limited available time for scaling back their operations, the client sought out a concept that would deliver. 

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The end-result was a pre-packaged modular chiller assembly built with the customers’ choice of a Carrier chiller, Marley cooling tower, and containing the superior pumping equipment available from Groundfos. Engineered and built off-site in Grundfos’ ISO9001 & NFPA-listed shop, the modular system arrived at the customer with a complete UL-listing.  Less hassle at the job site and easy installation meant that the need for cost-effective and time-efficient solutions was met.

The project for this client is not the only example of the superior conceptualization that the Grundfos PacoPAQ teams deliver to clients in the Pacific Northwest. Recent design work for many other clients shows how Grundfos and Hurley exceed expectations from concept to completion. To learn more, click the image above or here.

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