Pump Service Technician-Tualatin

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Tualatin Office

Career Overview

A successful applicant will be responsible for creating a positive, safe and professional work site for all staff members and customers during the service project. A professional approach regarding tools, systems & equipment and personnel is a prerequite to a successful career as a Pump Service Technician at Hurley Engineering. Pump Service Tech is the first step in a fast paced career trajectory that can lead into many other rewarding positions within Hurley Engineering.



  • Work in a positive manner with customers and Hurley Engineering team.
  • Maintenance, repair and installation for all major brands of pumping equipment including commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.
  • Work with mechanical contractors and property maintenance staff to ensure we provide or consult technical assistance as required.
  • Be able to troubleshoot pump systems, controls and electrical panels.
  • Maintain a clean work area, service vehicle and tools.
  • Consult with customers regarding problems or issues discovered while servicing their pump system and provide them with a written record of services performed.
  • Work closely with Service coordination and Foreperson to ensure that customers' needs are fulfilled to their expectations and in a timely manner.
  • Perform additional tasks as assigned.


  • General knowledge of the mechanical trades, hvac, or mechanical engineering industry.
  • Ability to troubleshoot pump systems.
  • Experience working on lift stations, booster systems, HVAC or process pumping equipment. 
  • Personal hand tools.
  • Valid Driver's License required with an acceptable driving record.
  • Strong time management, leadership, and decision making skills.
  • Excellent attendance record at prior employment.
  • Must be able to conform to all federal, state and city licensing and certification requirements as applicable.
  • Excellent human relations and communications skills (verbal and written) with customers and staff.
  • Competent in job site safety requirements, i.e. WISHA/OSHA, OROSHA/OSHA, and be committed to safety.
  • Project a positive image of the company and herself/himself to customers with good grooming and hygiene habits.
  • Possess a valid drivers license, a clean driving record, and be in possession of all applicable licenses of the trade.

Please present you resume and cover letter to HR@Hurleyengineering.com